Suneel Kurudi

Contact Information

Mobile No : 919591000169

Suneel Kurudi

Chief Executive Officer | Specialist, Watches
Suneel is the Chief Executive Officer of Cymmon's and heads all departments activties, auction schedules and day-to-day operations. Suneel worked in IT industry for 12 years at various positions finally transitioning into the leadership role. An engineer by academics, Suneel's artistic processes have helped Cymmon's to foray into many departments.

Suneel played a critical role in organizing exhibitions, art fairs attracting seasoned art collectors at global level. Suneel's focus on strong process oriented methods have helped Cymmon's from accepting new consignments to sale at auctions have enabled Cymmon's to grow and operate globally.

Suneel's relationship with art collectors across countries including India, Singapore, Dubai and Hongkong have helped Cymmon's gain strong hold in art industry.

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