Shankar Srinivas Vaddi

Contact Information

Mobile No : 917993745555

Shankar Srinivas Vaddi

Senior Gemologist & Jewellery Appraiser

Shankara works as Senior Gemologist and Jewellery Appraiser for Diamonds, Gems and Jewellery category. Shankar has worked in Diamond Industry for more than 20 years at various levels before joining Cymmon's. Shankar has played important roles in various leading diamond companies in South Africa, Botswana. He has primarily worked on sourcing rough diamonds and lead diamond valuation and appraisal teams for more than a decade.

During his career, Shankar helped jewellery brands and designers to source diamonds and natural color gemstones. Currently, Shankar leads Gems & Jewellery department as a Senior Gemologist & Jewellery Appraiser and a member of executive team. He contributes to Blog actively in jewellery category.

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