Is jewellery a safe investment? Will it in any way benefit me in the long run? Will I be able to sell it through jewellery auction houses?

The answers would be yes, yes, and yes, of course. Among the wide range of investment portfolios, jewellery by far is the safest form of investment. Unlike other volatile markets, jewellery, like a fine wine, will get better as it ages. With the time passing, it will increase multiple-fold in value and will come in handy when you encounter any unexpected money needs. 

Family heirloom
In every family, there lives a darling grandmother who gifts her prized possession, the family jewellery, to her grandkid. That sentimental piece of jewellery might have been passed on to her by her grandmother. With the exact words every time, "You can sell it when you require money.", the jewellery would have descended generations. Even though nobody will have the mind to let a family inheritance go, when you are in a financial crisis, you need to take the necessary action. In a Jewellery auction, you can find such unique and rarest jewellery that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

What is a jewellery auction?
If you are about to propose to your childhood sweetheart soon, chances are you will visit your nearest jewellery store or a renowned jewellery website. Lately, with the advancement in technology, you can browse through various designs at the comfort of your home. Jewellery auctions, as the name suggests, enable you to choose the rarest and nicest from the lot, in addition to chatting with jewellery experts. Similar to physical stores, you can browse through different pieces, bargain the price of the ones you like, and take home high-quality vintage jewellery items.

Are Jewellery online Auctions trustworthy?
Buying jewellery online can be related to buying your groceries online, shopping for clothes online or ordering food online. Due to the enormous amount of money involved, we might feel a little suspicious. The whole idea may appear dubious. However, it is perfectly safe as long as you choose the right, reputable, and well-established platform to buy. Like live cricket matches, Jewellery Live online auction 

Find below the list of features online-auctions provide which makes them reliable
1.    3D high-definition rotating representation of jewels
2.    Ability to shop without setting your foot out
3.    Swiftness in browsing through various jewellery at the same time by accessing their catalog
4.    Friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives who aid us in getting additional information
5.    Less intimidating than the traditional auction

Having cleared your primary questions let us look into detail several tips that will aid you in choosing the best piece of jewellery in an auction.

1. Choose pieces that will retain their value for a long time
A particular piece of jewellery might seem trendy and hot while you make a purchase. In a few years, when it goes out of fashion, you would not fancy to wear it. That's comparable to locking away wads of money and not using it. Items that come from topmost designers, first-rate, superior quality diamonds, and other precious gems never go out of fashion. Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, David Yurman, and Cartier make pieces that are always front runners.

2. Gold? Diamonds? Or both?
For centuries, gold and diamonds have fascinated women to a greater extent. Irrespective of the ups and downs in the economy, they always continue to be the most sought. Unlike money that fluctuates in value depending on the discretion of the country, jewellery always increase in value. For instance, given the current situation, despite the economic slowdown and deep recession, the value of gold and diamonds continue to shoot up.

Diamonds are worth a fortune both in free form and when set in a piece of jewellery. Diamonds that are removed from one piece and can be added to other jewellery to create distinct masterpieces. High-quality diamonds are notable for their clarity, size, uniqueness, and lesser flaws. The bigger the size of the diamond, the better is the quality. Diamonds that possess the rarest color are the hardest to find and hence fetch the highest return. 

As for gold, copper and zinc are added to make it flexible and shaped into any jewellery of our choice. They can be melted repeatedly and remodeled into fashionable pieces without affecting their quality.

3. Research thoroughly before buying
We purchase jewels to cherish and wear during special occasions or for regular use. However, when you are planning to invest a huge sum of money, in addition to the design, there are other factors too that need to be carefully considered. 
1.    Choose pieces that will hold their value when submitted for resale during unforeseen circumstances.
2.    As for diamonds, choose over one carat, uncut, higher clarity, lesser flaws, and unusual colors.
3.    Gold, over other metals, is the most expensive and holds its value over time. Consider buying pieces made with 20 karats or higher.
4.    Vintage jewellery is the most sought after due to its uniqueness and authenticity. The best jewellery auction houses offer carefully curated vintage pieces that cannot found in physical jewellery shops.
5.    Contemporary jewels will not yield great returns as the taste of the people keep changing according to the current trend.

4. Never trust the seller's words completely
Irrespective of how charming and captivating pieces of jewellery is, never trust the words of the seller. Be sure to think twice and verify the authenticity of the jewellery before investing your hard-earned money. Of the many best Online Jewellery Auctions, only a handful is worth our trust. The rest sell at discounted rates that are too good to be true. The jewellery market is overflowing with duplicates and cheap knock-offs that look far better than the real ones. Only an expert in jewels will be able to detect the difference. It is the best practice to ask the seller for the certification of quality. However, if they delay or decline to provide it, don't hesitate to walk away.

5. Be informed about the markings on jewellery
Before investing in jewellery, make sure to educate yourself about the various markings on them and what they signify. Jewellery auctions in India elaborately explain the markings in gold, namely,
1.    24K - The purest form of gold available. 24k signifies, 24 of the 24 parts is gold. It is strikingly yellow in color.
2.    18K - Used commonly for creating ornaments and the most regularly available purity, it contains 75% gold.
3.    14K - Though less valuable than its counterparts, it still contains 58.5% gold and is used for casual daily wear.
4.    10K - Contains the least amount of gold that can be legally sold. The purity here is as low as 42%.
5.    HGE marked gold- HGE means the ornament is merely plated in gold but will discolor eventually with increased usage.
No two diamonds are similar. Gemstone Auctions sell flawless diamonds with no or fewer blemishes or inclusions. Inclusions and blemishes are markings that are found on a diamond that determine its clarity and value. Blemishes are markings found on the surface of the diamond, while inclusions, as the name signifies, are found inside the diamond.

The grade of a diamond is determined by
1.    Size and number of inclusions present
2.    position of the inclusion (inclusions in the center will degrade its value
3.    Nature of inclusion
4.    Depth and color of inclusion

6. Do not become a target for thieves
Regardless of the reason, never let a third person know you are purchasing a piece of jewellery. Although fine jewellery auctions online are the safest place to buy jewellery, letting the word out unnecessarily or revealing personal information could make your home vulnerable to a potential burglary in the future. Whether you are buying it for daily wear, occasional wear, or for selling them when the rate of gold spikes, it is desirable to maintain a low profile once the purchase is completed. Most transactions end up absolutely secure, but it is best if we guard ourselves against prying eyes.

Know where to sell your jewellery
Though the sole purpose of accumulating jewellery is to present our social status and to adorn them during occasions, during an inevitable situation, they can be auctioned off. Fine antique jewellery auctions online not only sell antique merchandise, but they also buy from their customers after verifying the uniqueness and purity of the jewellery.

Extra Tips for purchasing jewellery from an auction
1.    Go through the catalog available online thoroughly.
2.    Get familiar with the basics of jewellery and gemstones to ascertain the value of pieces.
3.    Prepare a budget before bidding on an auction. Going overboard might spoil your auction experience.
4.    Read the descriptions and Terms & Conditions without skipping.
5.    Do not make a purchase until you get answers to all your queries.
6.    Talk with jewellery specialists.
7.    If an auctioneer tried to dodge your questions or if something smells fishy, don't hesitate to walk away.

Jewellery is the one little thing that has the ability to make you feel unique.

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